User Guides

This page of the website  helps the readers to navigate the website and find the course and necessary contents easily.  is en educational website and it mainly contains educational courses. At present, the website contains reading materials of BBA and B.Com. courses of two universities, (1) Narsinh Mehata Univeristy, Junagadh and (2) Sarurashtra University, Rajkot.

Currently, the website contains twelve items in two parts, academic part and popular part. 

Part I:  Academic Items

This part contains university-specific courses relating to commerce and management, as shown in the table.

Note: The table has been updated on 17th January, 2018.


Part II: Popular Items

At present, this part contains various types of jokes in Gujarati and Hindi.

Necessary Guidelines easy navigation of  different items on the website 

Read following guidelines to navigate necessary items on

How to access items on the website?

At present, all contents on the website are free. You are not required to register or enroll. Just click on the selected item, you can access the same easily.   There are two options to read the selected item/course.

  1. Select any items (in form of pictured folder containing logo and necessary details) from the Home Page, placed just below the slider (picture) and horizontal scrolling. On a Home Page, only 11 courses (in pictured folders)  will be displayed. If you want to see full list of courses, click on green button ‘BROWSE ALL COURSES’ given at the end of list of courses.


  1. You can also select the items from Menu Bar. If you want to select course relating to university, click on TEXTBOOKS. Name of universities will be shown. Select the university, you will find list of papers in form of pictured folder (containing logo and necessary details).

You can follow any of two options to access the course.

To search the course, write an appropriate word and click on SEARCH given above the slider picture.  A list of relevant courses  will be displayed. 

How to read course contents or book on the website?

When you click on selected pictured folder (using either of the options), following items will displayed on the screen in sequences, from top to down:

  1. Title of the course
  2. Course Features
  3. Free Plan Form (in case you have not registered and enrolled this course). (If you have already registered and enrolled, you find a message on the top, stating ‘ALREADY ENROLLED THE COURSE.’)
  4. Course details entered by the instructor or writer
  5. Main contents, starting with preliminary pages (with already  list of topics)
  6. List of units/chapters

How to read selected items (unit or topic  )?

  1. Click on Preliminary Pages to read Preface, Course Structure and Syllabus.
  2. When you click on any selected topic of the unit, you will find a web page with necessary description. Use Left-right arrows, given at the end of the topic,  to move backward or forward.
  3. You can jump to any topic of any unit by selecting the topic from the list, shown on the right side of the computer/tablet screen.
  4. In case of mobile view, the list of topics will be displayed at the end of the units.
  5. Once you open the topic on the screen, a selected topic will remain on your screen even if you go offline. More clearly, you can then read the selected topic offline mode once it is opened.

Viewing Website

A reader can comfortably read any item in any of device, including computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other device.

 Important Note: Please note that you can just read items on the website, but you cannot download. 


Registration (Login/ Register)

At present, registration is not necessary. You can access any item without registration.  But, you can be a member if you register yourself with the website.

You can be member of the web portal by filling the form. Membership is right now free.  Membership will enable you to access all items unconditionally.

In case of conditional access, you will find message: “You don’t have permission to access this content.” This message will not appear if you have already registered and enrolled.   

How to register?

The First Method: Go to Home of the website and Click on Login/Register Tab to access the registration form. A registration form will appear on the screen. Fill the form and click on ‘Register’ button given at the bottom.  The fields marked with star (*) in read are mandatory. Once you register, you will receive welcome message on the screen. Then your name will appear on the top-right of website. Now you are registered for whole website and all items on the site.

After one-time registration, when you access any course or folder on home page, you will be asked to ‘Enroll.’ If you click on “Enroll,” you will find your username and password already entered on the form. Just click on enroll, you will find a message. You will also receive en email on the registered email address. You can enroll for any number of papers one-by-one.

After registration and enrollment,   next time when you visit the website, click on Login/Register and  just enter you username and password.   

The Second Method:  Select or click on any items (of the pictured folders) on the website, you will find a small form for Enroll. Click on ‘Enroll’ you will find ‘PURCHASE’ page.  If you are already registered, select ‘Already has an account? Click here to login’ from the top of the form.

But if you are not registered, then fill the form with only email ID and password. Click on button ‘Enroll Now’. You will be enrolled. Remember password and email ID.

But, you are advised to   register from ‘Login/Register’ button  given at the top of website, above menu bar.