About Website

www.rameshrudani.com is an all-in-one type of website to help the commerce and management students and teachers, and common people. This is a pool ideas and knowledge on diverse fields. The site aims at helping its readers and viewers make the life a wonderful event on the beautiful earth.

www.rameshrudani.com is basically an educational website. The website covers many management subjects relating to Commerce and Management education. Purpose of the website is to provide the learning and teaching communities a quality reading materials online for making academic work easy and interesting. The contents of the website are useful (relevant) to the students of all the universities of the world where different commerce and management courses are being taught. This website is a platform for easy, enjoyable, existing, and cost-effective way of learning and teaching. Besides, pure educational reading materials, the website contain many divergent areas, exhibiting useful theory for better life. This is the first ever personal website that has been designed in an exceptional manner to provide the visitors access useful contents with a great ease and comfort.

Contents on the website are categorized in to five categories, such as:

  1. University-specific books (labelled as ‘Universities’): ‘Universities’ section contains reading materials for different management subjects of a few leading universities in Gujarat State. This part contains at least eleven textbooks. (Refer to ‘User Guide’ to view list of books)
  2. Gujarati Section – ‘મારો ગુજરાતી સંગ્રહ’ is meant for all Gujarati people, living in India and other countries of the world. This section will contain a lot of useful and entertaining areas.Commerce and

There is a core committee, containing well-qualified, capable, enthusiastic, and experienced academicians, from across disciplines, to guide the website.This website is for wise people, who want to live a memorable life on the earth; who want to make the life a marvelous experience, the type of the life that even God prefers to envy. The site contains useful details that enable the readers/viewers to follow ‘self-help’ theory for better life.

This website doesn’t appreciate or depreciate any religious faiths.This website extend respect to all castes, creeds, classes, religions, nationalities, and cultures of the world.

Statutory Warning: This website is privately owned and its design, pattern of presentation, and contents cannot be adopted or copied in fully or partially for any purpose and in any form without prior written permission of the owner and administrator.